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Why Would An Employer Hire YOU from a Teen Job Finder Site? And What Do They Want From YOU?

Posted on 22-07-08, under Teen Job Finder.

As a teen job finder or seeker you’re going to need to understand that, in order to succeed, you have to offer something of value to the company that hires you. No company, that I know of, wants to just give people a paycheck for doing nothing or hanging around and goofing off. So think about what you can do that will be worth money to the employers posting jobs on the teen job finder sites.

Are you well spoken and well groomed with an excellent personality that will impress customers, make them happy, and create an experience that makes them want to come back and spend more money? The teen job finder employers want to know this.

Do you have a specific skill like typing, web design, taking care of children, repairing bicycles, decorating cakes, data entry, creating spreadsheets, dancing, singing, rappelling, white water rafting, or something else? Make sure you point this out to the employers listed on the teen job finder sites.

Are you certified for something special like being a lifeguard, scuba-diving, operating special machines or tools, or more? A special certification like this moves you up in the ranking on the teen job finder sites.

Are you good at cleaning? Almost all jobs require some kind of cleaning. From grocery baggers to bank vice presidents, we all have to keep a clean work space or it will hurt our job performance. So become a neat-freak and get good at it. It will help you move up in your job and teen job finders want to know that you understand this, so tell them.

Companies using a teen job finder resource want you to have energy, a nice happy personality, a positive attitude, and a willingness to get your hands dirty (when necessary). They also want you to show up on-time (not 2 minutes late), be ready to work (it’s no good if you’re on-time but then it takes you 15 minutes to put on your uniform – come ready), and work your full shift (too many employees find some reason to leave a few minutes early – trust me, the boss notices and those folks will not be getting a raise any time soon).

If you can demonstrate, up-front, that you understand these things and that by investing money in you the teen job finder company will improve their business, then you will get the job. And if you remember these things and put them into action on the job, then you will be more successful, make more money, and be happier with your job.

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