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Jobs for Teens at Amusement Parks

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Amusement Park

As a teenager you are in a unique position to get jobs that are really cool and fun. A great example is a job at an amusement park. Theme parks and amusement parks are almost always looking for new talent and they often target their recruiting towards candidates age 14, age 15, age 16, age 17, age 18, and age 19.

The following teen job finder postings were taken from the website of Six Flags / White Water of Atlanta, Georgia. But there are theme parks all over the place, so review these and then check out the parks near you.

** You’ll notice that the jobs that deal with money require you to pass a math test. Don’t worry; they’re not going to get into Calculus or Geometry. They just want to make sure that you will not have a complete nervous breakdown when you have to figure out how much change to give a customer.

Ticket Booth

Seasonal Admission Attendant: 15 or older
Ticket sales transactions, make change, and provide tickets to Guests. Interact with Guests in a positive manner. Provide Guests with Park information and assistance when needed.
Skills required: Basic literacy and math for guest interaction, equipment use and cash handling respectively. Ability to count and make change from a cash register computer and till bag, work on your feet at all times, and work in an outdoor location. Must be willing to work in all weather conditions. Must pass math test.

Seasonal Merchandise Host/Hostess: 15 or older
Cash handling with or without a register. Stocking and displaying of merchandise. General housekeeping of the unit. Assist guests with purchases. Organizing stockrooms and maintaining a safe environment.
Skills required: Basic math skills to operate cash register and make change accurately. Must be able to work standing up in both indoor and outdoor locations, in all types of weather conditions. Must pass Math test.

LifeguardSeasonal Lifeguard: 15 or older
Shallow Water Lifeguards will guard water that is 4′ or less in depth. Special Facilities Lifeguards will guard water that is greater than 4′ deep at the Wave Pool. Provide a safe, and clean aquatics facility, by effectively managing attractions and grounds. Actively guard all pools, activity areas and slide attractions per Ellis and Associates protocols. Achieve, receive and maintain Ellis and Associates certification. Adhere to all Ellis and Associates policies and procedures as taught by certified E&A instructor.
Skills required: Must be able to work in all weather conditions. Comfortable in and around water of all temperatures. Must be able to become certified through the Jeff Ellis and Associates National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard training program. Able to work up to 40 hours per week if needed, including nights, weekends, and varied shifts. Provide a commitment of employment to begin in late May and continue through End of the Season.

Concession StandSeasonal Food Services Attendant: 15 or older
Food preparation and presentation; food serving and quality control; guest interaction/service; cash handling; stock handling and storage; restaurant cleaning and set-up.
Skills required: Ability to handle cash transactions accurately. Must be able to work Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season. Must pass Math test.

Seasonal Park Services Host/Hostess: 15 or older
Maintain cleanliness of the park, including restrooms, patios and streets. Initiate contact with guests in a positive manner by providing information/directions. Empty trash cans and monitor placement, moving when necessary. Assist with other cleaning projects throughout the theme park and water park.
Skills required: Ability to lift a maximum weight of 50-60 lbs and push a maximum weight of 70 lbs. Ability to work both indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision.

Seasonal Park Operations Host/Hostess: 16 or older
RESTROOM ATTENDANT POSITION: Maintain a high standard of restroom cleanliness. Follow all guidelines and checklists applied to Restroom Cleanliness. Assist with cleaning of patios and sweeping streets. Provide guest-friendly information.
Skills required: Must be able to lift 50-60 lbs and carry 50-60 lbs. Ability to work independently for long periods of time in indoor locations.

Jobs at Six Flags/White Water – http://www.sixflags.com/whiteWater/jobs/JobListings.aspx

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