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Christmas Holiday Jobs for Teens on Teen Job Finder

Posted on 05-09-08, under Teen Job Finder, Teen Jobs.

As I write this article for Teen Job Finder it’s just September; but, believe it or not, some employers, especially retail stores and malls, are gearing up for the Christmas Holiday shopping season. They are going to need to hire extra employees, mostly teenagers, for the few weeks leading up to Christmas for two reasons. First, the stores will be packed with shoppers and they’ll need to hire teen workers to stock the shelves, operate the cash registers, help customers find stuff to buy, and keep the place clean. Second, several of their regular employees will want some days off for the holiday and they will need extra people, again mostly teen employees, to fill in.

So if you’re looking for a temporary teen job to get a little extra spending money to buy gifts, malls, big retail stores, and toy stores are great places to look. Or if you want to find long term work that goes beyond just a seasonal teen job, this may be your opportunity to get your foot in the door. Many permanent employees start off as short-term teen employees. They get in on a Christmas Holiday Teen Job and do such great work that their bosses decide to keep them on indefinitely.

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Once you’re prepared for your teen job finder search, head out to the local mall. Be prepared to spend some time, because you may have to fill out several applications. Start at the mall office or information center to see if they have a central place where all of the shops post their teen job openings.

Good luck, and check our home page for other valuable teen job finder resources.

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